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Dec 26

Natural Ways to Lose Weight

By Brian Davis | Uncategorized

Fat is used to store energy. All other kinds of nutrients like carbs, proteins also provide energy, and this energy is measured on calories. Our body uses this reserve of energy and any excess unused in stored in the form of fat. When we consume more than we require, this gets stored as fat. To lose weight, therefore, we must expend more energy than we take in. So, when we start exercising, we are converting the stored fat to energy. This is basically what happens when we talk about losing weight. But each one of us isn’t same. Some of us have better metabolism and do better at losing weight.

While the most basic rule of losing weight is exercising and eating right, there are other things we can do that will aid the process.


1. Green tea – Consume green tea – it has antioxidants and has been shown to aid weight loss. It has caffeine, catechins, and theanine. Caffeine gives an overall boost to the system, while catechins is an antioxidant and theanine is an amino acid. Add ginger to your green tea for added effect. If you need your tea to be sweet, add honey. Avoid milk and sugar.

2. Make cinnamon tea – There are studies that have been conducted, and the debate goes on. But we still believe that having cinnamon can’t really have any adversary effect. So, why not? Add cinnamon to your tea.

3. Dandelion and Peppermint – These two keep the liver healthy. The liver is an important organ in the body. It helps the body detox. The liver has cells that break down fat and turn them into usable energy. It has several other functions that are good for the body but as far as weight loss is concerned, it plays an important role and both dandelion and peppermint stimulate the production of bile. You can grow both of them in the garden in your backyard to be sure that they are free of chemicals.

4. Sage is good for you – These herbs are good for the body. They don’t just make sense to some recipes they are good for weight loss too. Grow some in your garden or use some dried ones. Add them to boiling water and let steep for 4-5 minutes. It will help de-stress. Cortisol is released when under stress and it is a hormone that leads to fat storage in the body.

5. Stick to a routine. Create a routine first and then stick to it. Keep doing things regularly on time and over time it will become your habit. This habit formation is important so that it is hardwired into your brain and that is when it becomes easy. Losing weight will require you to stick to your exercising routine, eating time and doing a few things on time daily.

6. Drink water – Keep your self-hydrated. It’s no use trying to skimp on water. Drink up to 8 glasses a day.

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